Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve

Director: Dmitriy Kashuba

Year: 2018

Plot: A young man searches for his path to God only to find it in sin.
Original Title: Adam & Eve
Director: Dmitriy Kashuba
Producer: Daniel Ormerod , Robert Cairns , Andrei Croitor , David Isakadze
Type: movie
Year: 2018
Genres: Drama
Cast: Daniel Ormerod , Yana Rits , Nino Anjaparidze , Yiannis Alexiou , Zaza Iakashvili , Tornike Gogrichiani , Ia Shugliashvili , Robert Cairns , Keti Kantidze , Andrei Croitor , Giorgi Bochorishvili , Ekaterine Demetradze , Tim Aitken Smith , Alexandra Reynolds , Vladi Baloyan , Gary Mosoyan , Tornike Salukvadze , Gigi Sarjveladze , Bogdana Bihdan , Ivane Kurasbediani , Shota Gvasalia , Iris Kent , Darejan Khachidze , David Wilkinson
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 5.9
Votes: 10
Year: 2018
Akas: アダム & イヴ (Japan, Japanese title) , Redenção - Lutando pela Fé (Brazil)
Production Companies: Magnet Films , Cinergy Film
Distributors: A2 Filmes
Synopsis: The Action takes place in a fictional country in a large hilly area at the God forsaken industrial town and the old church next to it.Adam studies in Church as a student and dreams of becoming a priest. His lifestyle is righteous, and he believes that innocence leads to holiness. He spends all his spare time studying the Holy Scriptures and carefully listening to lectures on divine worship, but without being a priest, he has to listen to the ministry through the Temple thick walls.The Bishop turned his attention on him and invited to take part in religious ceremonies as his assistant. He became a priest. However, the mission to be a Prophet and a guide between God and a man, which he chose for himself in his life, did not choose him ... and all his efforts fail. Parishioners of the church, referring to him for help do not get delivered from suffering and his prayers do not "heal souls". Even babies refuse his sacrament during communions. He feels rejected by God, and this drives him into despair. Bishop does realise this and soon releases the main character from the Church services, and he is back again to the church mill, where he began his career in the church.In desperation, he goes to the Monk who long been rumored among the parish as an incredibly Gifted and wise man, and among the clergy - as Heretic. The Monk suggests that he should not blindly follow the way of the teachings of the church and find his own way to God.One day, the protagonist learns from one of the parishioners about illegal fighting matches in an abandoned factory. By coincidence, the same day Bishop sent him on errands to town. Along the way he picks up the prostitute just to give her a lift to town. Been a prostitute, in fact she was gifted artist at the same time, painter and being fully intuitive human being, who doesn't trust to church and religion, but carries a spark of brightness deep inside that inflames in her art works. She feels his bygone suppressed passion - the hand to hand fighting is biggest feat at the same time, and decides to face him with this fear. Returning from the city back to the church, he gives free rein to his thoughts about boxing, he opens a dusty chest of his previous (before the church) life, but immediately repents and blames himself for sinful thoughts.After the sudden outbreak of the fire, he had been sent again to town for tools and carpenters. In town he fights against temptation, but decides to visit Her. She does not let him go back, and takes him at night into the inner sanctum of sin and violence - to abandoned factory, where the most illegal fights occur. He returned to the church tormented by doubts but did not find support among the bishops and finally disillusioned with the religion, he decided to leave the church. This is the point of no return. He leaves doing for the first time a really good thing for quite a stranger - taking the blame upon himself for his recent fire.A new milestone of his life and the new reality is changing his philosophy and attitude to religion. Participation in bloody fights at ring and extreme blasphemy are interwoven into a single coil with love, tenderness and sensuality that he gives away without expecting a reward from God. He is a classic Gnostic, heretic and Jesus at the same time. Having lost faith in God, he becomes God himself.And somewhere on the beach, in a small house in Hemingway style, away from the church and prayers that power comes to him, which he had once dreamed of... because the only path to God lays through the sin.
Cinematographer: Yana Rits
Producer: Daniel Ormerod , Robert Cairns , Andrei Croitor , David Isakadze
Production Manager: Andrei Croitor
Box Office: GBP800,000 (estimated)
Editor: Emily Walder
Sound Crew: Joel Carr
Miscellaneous Crew: Paola Lizza
Costume Designer: Simon Matchabeli , Nino Kutelia
Make Up: Alena Kolosunina
Assistant Director: Daniel Ormerod
Art Department: Irakli Mchedlidze , Tea Telia , Jimsher Berdzenishvili , Giorgi Gorgiashvili , Mako Shevardnadze , Giorgi Kavelashvili , Erekle Gordeladze , Levan Mironidze , Dimitri Jimsheleishvili , Jumber Todadze , Gela Devidze , Gia Aprasidze , Dati Tsintsadze
Camera and Electrical Department: Zaza Tsomaia , Vazha Aprasidze , Dimitri Dito Dekanosidze , Bidzo Chxaidze