A sauberne Welt


A sauberne Welt

Director: Bernhard Helfrich , Thomas Kornmayer

Year: 2001

Season: 1, Episode: 83

Episodes: 214

Plot: Burgl and Nanni strictly separate male and female guests since they got disappointed in love by Lois 30 years ago. Guests in love have found a solution to the separation: the barn. Other guests quarrel. And then Lois is back.
Original Title: A sauberne Welt
Director: Bernhard Helfrich , Thomas Kornmayer
Writer: Ulla Kling
Producer: Ariane Ofiera
Type: episode
Year: 2001
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Christian Burghartswieser , Cordula Staudacher , Rupert Pointvogl , Angela Hundsdorfer , Harald Helfrich , Michaela Heigenhauser , Andreas Kern , Egon Biscan , Mona Freiberg , Rolli Braun , Amsi Kern , Marianne Lindner
Runtimes: 90
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 04 May 2001
Production Companies: Chiemgauer Volkstheater
Cinematographer: Luy Briechle
Producer: Ariane Ofiera
Production Manager: Dieter Hunnius , Max Bayrhammer
Editor: Uwe Hildebrandt
Editorial Department: Jaro Zahradka , Gabi Schambeck
Sound Crew: Gerhard Zehetmaier
Music Department: Stoaberg Musi
Assistant Director: Cornelia Meyer
Camera and Electrical Department: Wolfgang Hilser , Karl-Josef Klocke , Anne Ramming , Gisela Dienersberger , Ernst Ammerl
Set Decoration: Hans Finke
Production Design: Ingrid Lazarus
Season: 1
Episode: 83
Number of Episodes: 214
Episode of: A sauberne Welt