A Room

A Room

Director: Dingli Diao

Year: 2018

Plot: An unfinished youth with no special features, comes to a place, rents a cheap rental house, and lives there alone. Later, he was attacked and mistreated by a group of unknown people nearby. Finally, his spirit is close to collapse... He sealed himself in the room. Later, the landlord came to open the room, the chamber was still intact, but there was no one in it. There are some cruel and evil things happened... This is an unscrupulous movie!
Original Title: A Room
Director: Dingli Diao
Writer: Dingli Diao
Producer: Dingli Diao
Type: movie
Year: 2018
Genres: Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtimes: 110
Countries: China
Languages: Chinese
Color Info: Color
Akas: A Room (China)
Cinematographer: Dingli Diao
Producer: Dingli Diao
Art Direction: Dingli Diao
Editor: Dingli Diao
Sound Crew: Dingli Diao
Set Decoration: Dingli Diao
Production Design: Dingli Diao
Production Status: completed
Production Status Updated: 18 Jul 2018