A Quiet Day


A Quiet Day

Director: Wayne Moss

Year: 2009

Season: 2, Episode: 22

Episodes: 78

Plot: When Big and Small accidentally damage Ruby's painting, she challenges them to be quiet and accident-free for just one day. Small thinks this will be easy but it proves harder than expected when he realizes it's not easy to stop talking. And Big causes a major accident when he trips up over Small's car and brings the fridge crashing to the floor. In a final effort to have a quiet day, Small puts an apple in his mouth so he can't talk (although he keeps taking it out to tell people that he can't talk!) and Big decides to spend the day under the bed. Meanwhile, Ruby is happily painting outside in the peaceful garden. She finishes her painting and wants to show the others - but she finds Small sitting with the apple in his mouth and Big under the bed, both refusing to leave the house to look at her work until the day is over. Ruby realizes that it's better for Big and Small to be their usual selves and puts a plan into action to get them outside. She tickles Small so he drops the apple - she picks up the apple and runs off - Small chases Ruby - Big hears the commotion and runs outside, too. Big trips up again and splats the apple. But it's all OK, it was just an accident. And it's better that they are all in the garden, together and having a good time.
Original Title: A Quiet Day
Director: Wayne Moss
Writer: David Collier
Producer: Sarah Colclough , David Collier , Jamie Piekarz , Sharon Summerling , Graham Andrew Purdy , Anne Brogan , Jack Lenz , Jamie Shannon
Type: episode
Year: 2009
Genres: Family
Cast: Todd Doldersum , Jason Hopley , Jamie Shannon
Original Air Date: 17 Nov 2009
Production Companies: Kindle Entertainment
Cinematographer: John M. Tran
Producer: Sarah Colclough , David Collier , Jamie Piekarz , Sharon Summerling , Graham Andrew Purdy , Anne Brogan , Jack Lenz , Jamie Shannon
Production Manager: Ken Olshansky
Art Direction: Mat den Boer
Composer: Andy Bernhardt , Douglas John Cameron , Jack Lenz
Editor: Mark Achtenberg
Editorial Department: Melissa Hore , Ian Keltie , Icrus Murphy , Lorraine Grant
Sound Crew: Geoff Raffan , Rob Hutchins , Brad Dawe , Rick Coulombe , Shaun Gratto , Jennifer Costa
Visual Effects: Darren Pickering , Eddie Englander , Caitlin O'Reilly , Britta Morden , Monique Knisely , Sarah Morden , Jase Chan , Ginger Jarvis , Vicki Veenstra
Music Department: Dan Cherkas
Miscellaneous Crew: Steven Andrew , John Chung , Jamie Craddock , Jessica Craddock , Jason Hopley , Jamie Shannon , Kathy Waugh
Assistant Director: Szonja Jakovits , Lorraine Barton
Art Department: Adam Weir , Darren Pickering , Ryan Louagie , Brad Archdekin , Dan Oke , Tiffany Barnwell , Mark Mantzel , Cristina Waltz , Denise Brabant , Alex Geddie , Chris Gouin , Jarrod Cameron , Michael Beaumont , Jody Turner
Camera and Electrical Department: Tim Breen , Rob Shaw , Zach Zohr , Scott Burton
Costume Department: Jane Graydon , Marcella McKiernan
Special Effects: Steven Dawley , Britta Morden , Sarah Morden
Script Department: Jayne Schipper , Larysa Fenyn
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Number of Episodes: 78
Episode of: A Quiet Day