A Lady Mislaid


A Lady Mislaid

Director: Cyril Coke

Year: 1956

Season: 1, Episode: 41

Episodes: 387

Plot: Esther and her sister Jennifer have just taken a remote country cottage. But there is strange gossip about the previous occupants until eventually - well, what would you do if the police started to dig up your garden?
Original Title: A Lady Mislaid
Director: Cyril Coke
Writer: Kenneth Horne , Barry Thomas
Type: episode
Year: 1956
Genres: Drama
Cast: Yvonne Hills , Terence Alexander , Dandy Nichols , Brian O'Higgins , Leslie Phillips , Keith Smith , Barry Steele , Eleanor Summerfield , Ann Walford
Original Air Date: 05 Jul 1956
Production Design: George Haslam
Season: 1
Episode: 41
Number of Episodes: 387
Episode of: A Lady Mislaid