A Horse Called Bear

A Horse Called Bear

Director: Daniel Knudsen

Year: 2015

Plot: After his mother unexpectedly dies, 17-year-old Ethan discovers he is the owner of his mother's horse - a horse he never even knew existed. He travels cross country to live with his grandparents and investigate the mystery. His grandmother is supportive but his angry grandfather Otto doesn't seem to want him around. Next door live three children who are taking riding lessons at the same farm where his mother's horse is boarded. Their lives intersect as Ethan deals with his grief over his mother's death and the children deal with a neighborhood bully whose father works at the horse farm. The journey for Ethan, Otto, the three children, the bully and her father all revolve around a gentle and faithful horse called Bear who deeply touches all their lives. This is a delightful redemption-themed family movie that will appeal to children, teens, horse-lovers and people of all ages.—Anonymous
Original Title: A Horse Called Bear
Director: Daniel Knudsen
Writer: Penny Carlisi
Producer: Angelo Carlisi , Penny Carlisi
Type: movie
Year: 2015
Genres: Drama, Family
Cast: Kristina Kaylen , Ryan-Iver Klann , Daniel Knudsen , Jared Withrow , Wayne E. Brown , Tim Kaiser , Terri Partyka , Hannah Partyka , Michael Brennan , Dawn Storey , Gerry Wiatr , Donna Frazier , Haley Klann , Joey Santana , Jeffrey Hamilton , Heather Fairbanks , Austin Farnsworth , Walker Fairbanks , Liam Fairbanks , Philip Paonessa , Kadin Wessel , Robert Nixon , Misty Bonin , Katelyn Grace Farnsworth , Allison Marie Farnsworth , Wesley Gibbs , Sheri Brooks , Joseph Cloutier Jr. , Kaelyn Parker , Bailey Bonin , Adam Lane , Jocelyn Klann , Matthew Parker , Robert Ziegler , Patrick McGowan , Jamie Fuller , Gwen Gornicki , Nicholas Ryan Gibbs , Rachel Tobey , Marcia Deyoung Hardy , Emily Endebrock , Jolene Deyoung , Michaela Carnevale , Emma Fyke , Dawson Deyoung , Rachel Miltimore , Laura Elmore , Jensyn Noelle Elmore
Runtimes: 91
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 25 May 2015 (USA)
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 197
Year: 2015
Akas: A Horse for a Friend (United Kingdom) , Mein treues Pferd 'Bär' (Germany)
Production Companies: Reveal Film Group , Crystal Creek Media
Distributors: CMD Distribution , New KSM
Cinematographer: Daniel Knudsen
Producer: Angelo Carlisi , Penny Carlisi
Certificates: Germany:0 , United Kingdom:U , United States:Not Rated
Composer: Samuel Joshua
Editor: Penny Carlisi
Editorial Department: Daniel Knudsen
Sound Crew: Samuel Joshua , Keith Perna
Miscellaneous Crew: Dawn Storey , Joey Santana , Damion Stevenson , Gwen Gornicki , Jolene Deyoung , Josiah Shomsky , Pamela Mills
Thanks: Ken Storey , Daniel Knudsen , Melanie Wistar , Joshua Knudsen , Renee Knudsen , Paul Knudsen , Angelo Carlisi , Samuel Joshua , Keith Perna , Penny Carlisi , Dawn Storey , Lisa Perna , Austin Farnsworth , Katelyn Grace Farnsworth , Allison Marie Farnsworth , Jamie Fuller , Gwen Gornicki , Marcia Deyoung Hardy , Will Mines , Bill Gornicki , Joe Darkangelo , Robert Walker , Jason Fuller , Barb Mines , Joseph C. Thomas , Robin Thomas , Kathleen Knudsen
Other Companies: Dog & Pony Creative
Make Up: Kristina Kaylen , Sabrina Dungan , Christine Knudsen
Art Department: Gwen Gornicki , Jolene Deyoung
Script Department: Gerry Wiatr