A Dream Animal

A Dream Animal

Director: Sanyukta Sharma

Year: 2014

Plot: A wildlife sound recordist is on the trail of an undocumented animal when she disappears in the forests of Western Ghats. The recorder and microphone become her sole companions. The recorder functions as a verifier of the existence of all that it relays, visible or out of sight. She relies on them to locate her and lead her way out of the forest. As the recorder starts giving trouble, her journey depends on discerning the glitches from the real sounds.—Anonymous
Original Title: A Dream Animal
Director: Sanyukta Sharma
Type: movie
Year: 2014
Genres: Short, Adventure, Fantasy, Music
Cast: Arvind Sharma , Rupa Borgaonkar , Santosh Kundiya
Runtimes: 23
Countries: India
Languages: Marathi
Color Info: Color
Akas: A Dream Animal (India)
Cinematographer: Sunayana Singh
Editor: Shikhar Misra
Sound Crew: Susmit Nath , Pinak Agte
Visual Effects: Susmit Nath
Camera and Electrical Department: Dipankar Sikder
Production Status: completed
Production Status Updated: 21 Mar 2014