55- Body Count & The Social Vulture

podcast episode

55- Body Count & The Social Vulture


Year: 2019

Season: unknown, Episode: unknown

Episodes: 315

Plot: The girls discuss past sexual partners, how many is too many, and everything you've ever wondered about body count- including the EXACT number girls should tell their man. Also, they dive into the taboo topic of bad personal hygiene for women... men have been complaining about the taste/smell of their girl's clam (worst nightmare), but don't worry we have a solution. Last but not least, bringing you the social vulture. Everyone has encountered this wretched species. Tune in to find out more.
Original Title: 55- Body Count & The Social Vulture
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Comedy, Talk-Show
Original Air Date: 02 Oct 2019
Production Companies: Barstool Productions , Spotify Studios
Season: unknown
Episode: unknown
Number of Episodes: 315