30 Karat Liebe
tv movie

30 Karat Liebe

Director: John Delbridge

Year: 2009

Plot: Berlin photographer Julia Sandberg has fallen in love with the charming adventurer Percy van der Walt, who has an extremely unusual job. Percy is diving for diamonds off the coast of the South African port town of Port Sheldon. Julia wants to record this exciting work, in which he penetrates to the bottom of the sea every day at great risk, in a photo book for which she has already found a publisher. But no sooner has she followed the man of her life than Percy shows a completely different side of himself: he is uncharming, selfish and at times treats her like air. He also refuses to take Julia on his boat to take photos of the diamond divers' work. Apparently, Julia was wrong about Percy - and now she is also under deadline pressure. Using angelic tongues, she persuades Hannes, who was initially a bit surly, to let him accompany him. There is a strong spark between the two - but when Percy sees her with Hannes, an ugly argument ensues. After Julia had to find out in such a drastic way that Percy and Hannes are enemy half-brothers who also fight each other professionally, their emotional chaos is perfect. The situation comes to a head when Percy is trapped by a boulder while diving and only Hannes can save the hated brother. Julia's need for adventure is covered for the time being, she just wants to leave - but Hannes' father Otto, who is not entirely innocent of the quarrel between his two sons, opens her eyes.—ARD Das Erste
Original Title: 30 Karat Liebe
Director: John Delbridge
Writer: Christian Pfannenschmidt
Producer: Sandra Venzke , Hans-Wolfgang Jurgan , Benjamin Schacht , Katja Hartwig , Bertha Spieker , Giselher Venzke
Type: tv movie
Year: 2009
Genres: Drama, Romance
Cast: Leonard Moss , Bongo Mbutuma , Thandi Sebe , Ambrose Uren , Nicci Olivier-Simpson , Thami Mbongo , Marion Kracht , Francis Fulton-Smith , Philippe Brenninkmeyer , Walter Kreye , Brigitte Böttrich , Graham Clarke
Runtimes: 89
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 27 Mar 2009 (Germany)
Rating: 3.8
Votes: 13
Year: 2009
Akas: Der Diamantentaucher (Germany) , 30 Carat kærlighed (Denmark)
Production Companies: Two Oceans Production (TOP) , Phoenix Film Karlheinz Brunnemann , Kromschröder & Pfannenschmidt , ARD Degeto Film
Distributors: Das Erste
Cinematographer: Nicolas Joray
Producer: Sandra Venzke , Hans-Wolfgang Jurgan , Benjamin Schacht , Katja Hartwig , Bertha Spieker , Giselher Venzke
Production Manager: Peer Hartwig , Kate Kalsvig
Art Direction: Willow Howell
Composer: Hans Günter Wagener
Editor: Rebecca Khanide
Editorial Department: Dominik Bialek
Sound Crew: Martin Grube , Philipp Bitter , Diethard Keck
Visual Effects: Dominik Bialek
Miscellaneous Crew: Grant Spooner , Jennifer Burkard
Other Companies: Theaterkunst
Costume Designer: Ingalill Knorr
Make Up: Marie Maggio , Ayten Morgenstern
Assistant Director: Alwyn van den Heever , Christo van Schalkwyk
Art Department: Annelize Kleyhans
Camera and Electrical Department: Karl Waugh , Martin Leitsch , Angus de la Harpe , Marcel Shimba , Sydwell Maguma , Keith Johnson , Carmen Hearne , Boris Guderjahn , Kevin Gibb
Set Decoration: Graeme Blem
Costume Department: Wolfgang Ender
Script Department: Sonja Lowicki
Number of Seasons: Winnie Weber
Seasons: Ingrid Cuenca