1865 Presents American Elections: Wicked Game

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1865 Presents American Elections: Wicked Game


Year: 2021

Season: unknown, Episode: unknown

Episodes: 62

Plot: At the end of episode three, Ulysses S. Grant decided to run as the Republican nominee for president in the 1868 election. Coming up in episode four, Grant is inaugurated. But there is some important history in between. This week, we're going to fill in those gaps with an episode from another podcast. Hosted by executive producer Lindsay Graham, American Elections: Wicked Game is an in-depth look at all 59 U.S. presidential elections. In 1868, while Andrew Johnson went on an early and norm-breaking campaign tour to promote his reelection, he was not ultimately chosen to lead the Democratic ticket. Instead, it was Horatio Seymour of New York that went head-to-head with Grant. But the battle lines were the same: was the country to remain a "white man's government," as Seymour promised it would, or could Grant take back the reins of Reconstruction, and lead a broken nation to healing through equity?
Original Title: 1865 Presents American Elections: Wicked Game
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2021
Genres: History
Cast: Lindsay Graham
Runtimes: 45
Original Air Date: 18 Apr 2021
Production Companies: Wondery
Season: unknown
Episode: unknown
Number of Episodes: 62